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Simplifying HR’s benefit administration functions and everyone’s day to day pursuit of personal wellbeing.

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Only 43% of employers believe they have effective employee engagement tools.

PAC RES Survey

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84% of those who use the internet or mobile apps to comparison shop for health care procedures find the experience helpful.

UHC 2018 Consumer Sentiment Survey

Technology Issues

Consiliarium Solutions

Too much paper, lots of duplication entry

Single point of entry solutions (HRIS, Payroll, Employee Engagement, Benefits App,  Reward/Recognition, etc)

Lack of meaningful data reporting

Team of dedicated underwriting and actuarial consultants that utilize vendor data warehouse reporting tools to build custom reports meaningful to your team

Member concierge services

Population health point solutions offering robust dashboards for real time health plan management efforts

Employee decision support

Proprietary employee decision support tool that directs employees to optimal plan selection and contributions to health and/or retirement savings vehicles.

Cost & quality transparency

Access to national treatment cost and quality look-up tools

Employee Benefits App

Simplify Wellbeing

Employees are increasingly looking for their employee benefit information to be easily accessible. The Consiliarium Benefits App accomplishes just that, allowing you to offer your employees a company-personalized benefits app displaying all the benefit plans and features you offer right at their fingertips.

The Consiliarium benefits app solution is easy to access, easy to navigate, and even easier to set-up for your employees. Reach out to us today to learn more!

Decision Support Technology

Let's Plot a New Course...

We give employers and employees the tools and resources they need to simplify benefit planning and transition to lower-cost health options.

Understand the Details

Consiliarium understands that insurance and benefit terminology is confusing to most people and as such, individuals typically make decisions based on what they’ve always done, what their perception is of the plan options in front of them, or what their coworkers have surmised for them at the water cooler. Accordingly, as published statistics consistently demonstrate, many individuals end up making sub-optimal benefit selections given their unique health and financial situations. On top of this, employees are increasingly looking to their benefit programs to provide them with tools and resources they can use to be better consumers of health care as they are increasingly feeling the impact of health care services on their wallet.


Given these realities, Consiliarium is pleased to offer DecisionDoc, a multi-faceted tool that provides your employees a personalized benefit selection experience during open enrollment. After a brief questionnaire to learn about the individual’s family, health and financial situation, the tool presents the options the employer is providing as well as recommendations for which benefit components to include or exclude and how to optimize selections between retirement, health savings, and flexible spending account contributions taking into consideration the appropriate tax advantaged status of some of these benefits.

Key Benefits

There are also several key benefits to employers offering DIAL Insights. Not only is this a tool that empowers your employees and improves their affinity toward your benefit programs, but the tool also makes evaluating alternate plan designs and employee/employer cost sharing contribution scenarios seamless as you look to finalize your benefit program offerings for the coming year. The tool quickly summarizes alternate contribution strategies or plan designs you are considering in a dashboard view that shows the projected financial impact to both the company and its employees. Additionally, during open enrollment, employers have real-time visibility into which employees have signed up, what they are signing up for, and whether or not they are selecting what the tool was recommending to them.

CG Connect

Consiliarium gives employers and employees the dedicated support, tools, and resources they need to simplify employee benefits planning, ease of administration, complying with required legislation, all while engaging and educating employees.  The technology platform through which much of this is facilitated we call, CG Connect.  

Areas CG Connect assists with includes:

  • Benefits administration technology
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Payroll capabilities
  • PTO tracking
  • HR Management