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Let us take care of the paperwork so that you can take care of the peoplework.

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12% of employees believe their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees.

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51% of employees and 66% of job seekers feel that a strong benefits package is the most significant factor for determining whether to accept a job offer.

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Plan Compliance

Every organization with an employee benefits program needs a trusted advisor as a support system for keeping up with constantly changing HR, financial, and insurance industry requirements and regulations.

As part of our Strategic Benefits Roadmap, our team of consultants continually work to keep our clients’ benefit programs and administration compliant with federal and state regulations. This is done through in-house monitoring of changes in regulations by our Compliance officer holding a Masters degree in Health Compliance Law, and timely communication of any relevant legislative changes to our clients.

Consiliarium Group also partners with a local, but nationally recognized law firm carrying extensive ERISA experience for more complex compliance issues that arise.

Consiliarium Group’s compliance tools and resources include:

  • Periodic Client Seminars highlighting trending compliance topics
  • Vendor Seminars
  • PPACA Strategy and Compliance
  • 5500 Health & Welfare Preparation
  • Creation of Summary Plan Description (SPD)/ Summary Material Modification (SMM)
  • Employee Benefit Mandated Federal/ State Notices

Plan Administration Relief

The team at Consiliarium takes great pride in their ability to identify an HR team’s pain points and then implement solutions leveraging our size, relationships and expertise within the insurance and HR Technology space.

These solutions often include implementation of HR & Benefits Administration technology systems with features including:

  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Benefits Administration
  • Integrated Payroll Capabilities
  • PTO Tracking
  • HR Management
  • ACA Tracking

In addition, Consiliarium offers our clients an in-house employee advocacy line where your employees receive laminated cards with our contact information so that rather than interrupting you with their benefit questions or claims disputes, we can assist them instead.

For ongoing open enrollment and new hire support, Consiliarium provides in person open enrollment support and a consolidated benefit booklet for employees ease of understanding and reference.

Recruitment / Retention

The one consistent message we hear from all our clients is surrounding the challenges they face in attracting and retaining talent. Our team has a track-record of helping our clients differentiate themselves in a competitive environment by providing the following to them:

  • Detailed benchmarking so that you know how your benefit plans and employee cost-shares stack up against other companies in your area and industry.
  • Employee Benefit Statements that show employees not only what they earn on an hourly or annual basis but also the dollar value of the benefit programs our clients offer as well. The argument is compelling when you show a Wage of $20/hour but a total Compensation figure of $28/hour, for instance.
  • Additionally, our team sits with our clients to create employee-centric benefit programs believing these result in more engaged and hence, engrained employees of your firm. Along these same lines, in addition to implementing benefit programs relevant to your employees, we can further engage your employees through education seminars, posters, and communication initiatives reminding employees of the tools and services included in their benefits programs.