Smart, Transparent, Employee Conscious, Friendly.

That’s who we are.  The following is how we do it.  Below are the steps we take to ensure our clients are maximizing the return on their benefit program investment.

Key Steps

Approach Step 1


While hearing comes naturally, listening requires intentionality. The marketplace is saturated with advisers throwing cookie cutter solutions based on preconceived notions about what you are trying to accomplish with your benefit programs. We believe every client is unique and that every client has an opportunity to tell a story about themselves through their benefit programs. That is why the bedrock of our approach is built on listening to you. We continuously ask focused questions from our client’s leadership teams to ensure that our recommendations are harmonious with your culture and the story you are trying to build through you benefits program.

Approach Step 2


Closely related to listening is the second step in our approach, namely, learning. The better we listen, the quicker we learn about you and the more equipped we are to build a meaningful benefit blueprints to meet your strategic objective. Despite carrying the title adviser and consultant, we believe the real adviser is first and foremost our client. In addition to our client interactions, we view every interaction we have, whether with insurance carriers, technology vendors, or written media as learning opportunities. We are committed to remaining students of the industry recognizing the dynamic nature of health care and how sophisticated technology is rapidly becoming more accessible and opening new doors.

Approach Step 3


The advice we give is backed by three distinct facets. First, it is based on the first two steps in our approach, namely, listening and learning. Second, our team has over 200 years of collective experience in the insurance and employee benefits industry. Third, the Consiliarium team is weighted heavily on service and light on sales. We have invested heavily in compiling a team of benefit specialists as opposed to benefit sales reps believing this adds the most value and longevity to our client relationships. For example, our team is comprised of less than 10% in dedicated sales staff and over 90% of service professionals. Our service team has been carefully selected for specific expertise in areas of compliance, analytics, actuarial support, self-funding, customer service, voluntary benefits, wellness and population health management to name a few.

Approach Step 4


The fourth step in our approach is one that must not be overlooked. All the expertise and efficiencies of proposed solutions can quickly erode away with poor implementation and roll-out. Implementation includes everything from employee education and communication, to on-site open enrollment support to behind the scenes technology installations. While our benefit program advise may have made enough financial sense to be adopted, we understand how the rubber meets the road for the HR team when components of the benefit program are changed. Whether it’s rolling up our sleeves to design a wellness poster, compile an email campaign, or act as a project manager to a technology install, our team remains by your side through the entire benefit program life cycle.

Approach Step 5


The fifth and final step in our approach is to measure. This is an often overlooked or quickly dismissed step by many in our industry. However, we believe in identifying quantitative elements that establish both a baseline and a target for future evaluation or return on that investment. Is this always easy and concrete? Absolutely not. However, the growth of technology and its impact on the prevalence of data becoming available has made measuring ROI a realistic expectation for clients to require with respect to the benefit programs and services put in place. Furthermore, with the advent of measurability, vendor accountability is heightened as we are able to request performance guarantees with financial incentives for the vendor to meet mutually agreed upon ROI or guaranteed metrics.