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Your benefits investment has never been greater.
Can the same be said of your return?

At Consiliarium, we recognize your healthcare benefit offering plays an integral role in your effort to attract and retain skilled employees. Given this we are intentional about constantly asking questions that assess the fitness of your benefit programs relative to your strategic benefit objectives.

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Employee benefit costs employers on average 32% of payroll.

2018 IFEBP Survey

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61% say they would change jobs for better health insurance benefit.

Gallup SOAW

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Premiums increased 43/55% for single/family in last decade.

Kaiseer 2018 Survey

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Employees with family coverage are contributing $5,700 per year on average toward health care premium.

Kaiser 2018 Survey

Health Care Costs

Are you tired of hearing the same facts over and over about escalating healthcare costs with seemingly no sustainable solutions in sight? You will never hear a member of our team say “it is what it is”. while the challenge is great, our team believes there are measured steps out clients can take that both help mitigate their healthcare expenditures and help make a difference towards improving out healthcare system.

We use a lot of leavers depending on the client and situation. some of these include the following: Population health management opportunities, funding arrangement alternatives, tax advantaged accounts, member-centric tools, wellbeing programs, vendor performance guarantees, voluntary products, etc.

Complexity of Benefit Coverages

Let’s face it, health insurance is confusing. Out team is intentional about not just using the same, confusing carrier language but compiling communication pieces that are well organized and easy to understand. Along these lines, out team creates benefit booklets, can coordinate member concierge services, organized educational forms and/or communication campaigns, provides an in-house employee advocacy line, offers proprietary decision support technology, and many other solutions.

High Expectations

You can’t hit closer to home than someone’s personal health and wellbeing. Today’s age of technology and the complexity of diseases and treatments thereof has led to consumer expectations never being higher. Consiliarium ensures your members are educated on the resources at their disposal and that vendors are held accountable for bringing additional, digital healthcare management tools.

Complimentary Benefits Assessment

Do you ever wonder if you are getting the maximum return on your benefit program investment? The Consiliarium Group Healthcare Unit routinely conducts benefit program assessments for prospect clients that demonstrate our expertise and provide a robust report summarizing the items listed below. In addition, all we need from you to perform the census is a signed letter of authorization enabling us to reach out to your insurance carriers, an employee census and a copy of your current benefit booklet / benefits overview. This is what you can expect to get from us in return:

  • Historical money left on the table with your insurance carriers
  • Overview of your historical performance had you been in a different funding arrangement (i.e. self funded, contingent premium, etc)
  • Detailed summary of your population’s health plan utilization and opportunities for engagement
  • Workforce evaluation breaking out your population by demographics and career stage
  • Robust contribution benchmarking vs local and national peers
  • Efficiencies to be gained through benefit technology solutions such as employee benefit apps, employee decision support, and many more 
  • Negotiated savings on your medical and ancillary lines of coverage (5 – 20% on average)