Your benefits investment has never been greater. Can the same be said of your return?

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Employee benefit costs employers on average 32% of payroll. 

2018 IFEBP Survery

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40% of employees did or considered not getting necessary care due to cost concerns.

2018 Consumer Health Mindset Study

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Premiums increased up to 55% for single/family in last decade.

Kaiser 2018 Survey

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Employee wages have increased 22% over the past decade, less than half the average premium increase.


Solving the Problem

It is no secret that healthcare costs continue to climb at a rate far greater than inflation. While the stakes have never been so high, Colsiliarium believes that data and technology advances are equipping both employers and individuals more than ever before to be informed and to take intentional steps to meet the challenge.


Examples of Solutions

  • Population Health Management 
  • Cost transparency tools
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Referenced based pricing
  • Captive Stop Loss programs
  • Activity Tracking Watches / Devices
  • Virtual wellness challenges
  • Prescription Drug Coalitions
  • Vendor Performance Guarantees
  • Claim Audits
  • Member Concierge Services