Consiliarium’s Next Steps…August’s Company Wellness Campaign


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Coming off of a successful wellness campaign in June, Consiliarium is stepping into August and keeping the momentum going with our Next Steps Campaign. Here’s the scoop for this team competition, all while be healthy:

Team of two individuals (5 teams total)

Two challenges rolled into one campaign

Two weeks to get the most team points

Campaign Detail: (1) Next Steps- pure steps throughout the day. No conversion method included this time around. Challenges participants to step up. (2) Hydration- drink, drink, drink the water throughout the day! The benefits of water are tremendous: Increases energy, flushes out toxins, boosts immune system, and so on….

Every 2,000 steps=1 Point (capped at 10 points/day)

Every 8 ounces= 1 Point (capped at 10 points/day)

As the teams step along and hydrate up, competing to be the winner, our company goal is 1.5 Million Steps and 10,000 ounces of water.