Consiliarium Supports Fairport School’s Make A Difference Campaign


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Pictured (L-R): Bob Clark (FHS), Michelle & Keith Williams, Brett Provenzano (FHS)

A mantra that we all should embrace and live by each day…being kind to one another.

The Fairport community is rallying behind 5 Fairport families with children diagnosed with cancer. Through this ongoing campaign, the school and community together are raising money for Golisano Children’s Hospital and CURE Childhood Cancer Association, a local non-profit providing assistance to families with children battling cancer.

At last month’s Fairport Homecoming, Make A Difference t-shirts were donated by a local company to raise funds towards this campaign. In addition, Consiliarium Group donated 1,500 Make A Difference Awareness Bracelets that were distributed among the students.

Make A Difference extends to not only rallying behind cancer awareness, but recognizing everyone is going through something. Going back to the mantra, being kind to one another. Doing random acts of kindness each and every day does make a difference in someone’s life.