Consiliarium Hosts an Education Session- Introducing Creative Healthcare Strategies


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On June 7, 2018, the Consiliarium team hosted an informative educational employer roundtable. The overall objective was to introduce creative health plan strategies within the workplace. Key topics discussed in today’s session included:

  • Considering new technology for organization when it comes to employee healthcare decision making tools and multi -year strategy.
  • Factoring in healthcare cost calculator for employees for services and quality care.
  • Developing ongoing future savings strategies for employees with respect to health insurance.
  • Providing alternative programs to employees to close the gap in out of pocket health care expenses.

A special thanks to all of our presenters including our in-house Health Analytics Consultant, Becky McClellan, who discussed DIAL INSIGHTS, a technology platform that allows employers and employees to make informed healthcare decisions with a centralized access to cost savings.

In every component of today’s session concluded on how to provide the tools and resources to employees in hopes to preserve employee’s future savings.