Consiliarium Discusses Employee Healthcare Transparency Tools & Engagement


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On September 21, 2018, the Consiliarium team lead the discussion on Employee Healthcare Transparency Tools and Engagement with HR professionals in the Rochester Community.

As part of the Friday HR Briefing with the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, our team discussed the need for healthcare cost transparency as high deductible health plans continue to be prevalent, which puts the healthcare decision making into the hands of employees.

Throughout our discussion, Consiliarium outlined various affordable employee engagement tools and resources that aids in the research to find fair market healthcare pricing with quality care. In addition, reviewing healthcare decision support technology when choosing the plan that meets employees’ healthcare needs.

In conclusion, the HR professionals came out of the dialogue asking themselves:

  • What are ways my organization is providing employee engagement around healthcare cost and quality transparency?
  • Should my organization consider implementing new programs to aid in transparency for employees.
  • How does my organization develop strategies so my employees “win” – this can be done by designing (or re-designing) health plans and saving accounts to promote future savings.