Consiliarium Announces June’s Mile-A-Day Winner


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Mile-A-Day Campaign Update:

Picture this: Two Teams, 5 competitors on each team (no joke on the meaning of competitors during this challenge), 4 weeks of racking up the miles, some fun office comradery, a prize at the end.  And from this, the winning team is announced…..


1st Place winning participants included Keith, Sheryl, Lauren, Becky, and Rich. (Each winning team members received a gift card towards a purchase of new sneakers from our local running store)

Runners Up (Blue Team) included Jennifer, Amy, Joe, Erin, and Caitlin.

But how impressive is this: The Green Team had a combined 770 miles, the Blue Team racked up 703 miles in 30 days. Our firm’s workout effort tallied close to 1,500 MILES! Our company goal was 1,000 miles, Consiliarium far exceeded this.

But most importantly, we all came out winners. From this Mile-A-Day Campaign, each of us benefited from this challenge. Feedback included how much more aware of getting up and moving throughout the day, feeling better at the end of each day, how we now want to continue this to support our physical health.

Now onto to the next wellness campaign to be announced soon!